Sara Armstrong is an interdisciplinary artist who practices in both fashion and industrial design. Armstrong creates ready to wear pieces for Men and Women, with an androgynous blur, loyal to the functionality of heritage craftsmanship and welcoming of innovative details. Armstrong's formal training in sculpture is immediately apparent in pieces that balance complex geometries with pared-down simplicity. Lucid yet intuitive, Sara’s work is hinged upon a tactile, hand-worked approach to design and an uncompromising appreciation for authenticity and quality. 

Outside of the SARARMSTRONG brand, Armstrong is working as the head technical design instructor at a Fashion Design school in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


SARARMSTRONG is a gender inclusive label that is founded in fashion and expresses lifestyle through objects and furniture.  The brand strives to responsibly create a timeless product with a sense of honesty in materials that embodies our lifestyle and simplifies the ability to live it.