Capelli Rossi Summer

Capelli Rossi brand is the result of an idealized work, developed and produced with love and dedication. 

The soul of Capelli Rossi is an independent, empowered and full woman.

”You, that cultivate your femininity, without the meaning of fragility, but rather, all the feminine strength that exists on you. You that have on fashion a way to reflect your personality and know that are the small details that make all the difference.”

Capelli Rossi bets on uncomplicated fashion, combining comfort, quality and attractive design. The collection is developed with differentiated and high quality leather upper. For even greater comfort, our shoes have a leather lining and insole.

Thinking on you, we seek to further improve our work, to always offer the best

Capelli Rossi, produced in Brazil, with an Italian name in reference to Italy - the birthplace of major fashion brands.