Be happy and only do what you love.

It’s 5 AM and I am sleepless in Saskatchewan.  A look back to the beginning in 2017.

Below is a story about our store by CBC Saskatchewan about our beginning in 2017 when we launched the new brand ZÖE at Saskatchewan Fashion Week. 

Lynn Armstrong has a saying: "Be happy and only do what you love." But this mother and boutique owner is also lucky enough to work with a person she loves: her daughter Sara.

Armstrong is the businesswoman behind Regina's ZÖE Boutique, while Sara, a clothing designer, works in Vancouver. But Armstrong is carrying clothes from Sara's clothing line in a "spring capsule" at the recently-relaunched Regina boutique.  

On Saturday, the mother-daughter team showed off Sara's designs on the catwalk at Saskatchewan Fashion Week.

"Sara's shows are a performance. They're done within her brand and vision," says Armstrong. "They're always amazing and always unexpected and it's been that way since she's been little."

Sara, left, is helping curate the spring clothing line at her mother's store. (Jill Morgan/CBC)

Sara credits her mother with giving her the confidence to be bold and do what she loves.

"Being one of those art kids in school, and then going to university doing a fine arts degree, most families are like, 'Is there a future in that?'" said Sara.

"But [my parents] didn't even ask me those questions. I've always had the creative freedom and that's completely priceless."


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