Who do I think I am

Who do I think I am

Today is my birthday.  Here are some things about me. 

I am 62 years old. And I'm better than I was when I was 30. 

I am a mother, wife, grandmother, friend . . . 

I have been an entrepreneur since June 2011, including owning and operating a consulting business, a magazine and a shoe store. Before that I was a reporter, business communicator, policy analyst, corporate planner, and executive. 

I wrote a book about learning to fly again after a bullying incident that changed my life, because I learned that I am stronger than any circumstance that life presents.

I tend to focus on work more than I should.  In fact, when I first starting writing this, my first sentences were about my career. 

I have a tattoo of a broken infinity symbol on my lower back to remind me of my daily quest for balance.

Plants are my food.

Movement is my medicine.

Design - from what I wear to the colour of my walls, is my inspiration. 

I'm a raging extrovert, expressing myself in words, dance and fashion.

My daily mantra is just "be nice." 

I often hold on too long, even when I know I shouldn't. This is both good and bad, as I am very good at weathering storms, and very bad at knowing when to come out of the rain. 

I have a passion for health, wellness, feeling good and living well.

That's who I am. 

Today is my birthday, and I'm 62. 



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