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Heirloom Hat, Royal Blue

Thalamus, Royal Blue

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Thalamus. From the creative minds of @heirloomhats.  Cool fact. 1.Heirloom Hats are named after parts of the brain.  2. 98% of all sensory input to the brain is relayed through the Thalamus. 3.  Thalamus - the hat - is hand made from rabbit fur felt in Quebec. 4. Rabbit fur felt is very durable, worlds ahead of wool felt and holds its shape in rain well.  5. Cool people wear hats, famously like Johnny Depp, Lady Gaga, the Queen . . . So you can be cool too. One 56cm in store now. Get it now. #milnery #rabbitfurfelt #heirloomhats #canada #quebec #whitematter #smart #hats #zoesshoesdowntown #christmas