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Runner K21
Runner K21
Runner K21
Runner K21
Runner K21
Runner K21

Runner K21

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Beige suede and leather sneakers with red leather details and 20% recycled EVA outsole. Recycled OrthoLite® footbed.

Better Product:

The leather is certified by Leather Working Group, a coalition of brands, suppliers, retailers, leading technical experts, and NGOs aimed at raising environmental standards and ensuring best practice standards for tanners, manufacturers, and retailers.

20% of the outsole is made of recycled EVA, which helps to scrap waste and reduce the carbon footprint emissions going into a more conscious environmental impact, keeping the same performances and standards of virgin EVA.

Runner K21 is the latest addition to the Runner family with a retro-inspired approach and a craft touch featuring a new increased volume.

Calfskin / Suede
Beige / Red
EVA for lightweight (20% recycled EVA)
XL EXTRALIGHT® for lightness and shock absorptio
OrthoLite® for cushioning
72% Fabric (100% recycled PET) 28% Calfskin
Leather Working Group Certified