Social Responsibility

We had a big idea on February 1, 2016 to help people get to where they are going in life, live their stories and to offer a respite from the world outside. 

You are the centre of our big idea.  We know that what you wear, from your shoes to your clothing, tells the story of who you are and that each piece you choose is part of your life story.  In our eyes, you are ageless, timeless, and artistic.

The Zoeist who inspires our big idea has dreams and aspirations but most importantly you have the courage to do the work.

Together, we are part of the community, engaged, and part of the conversation that makes the world a better place. Thank you for choosing us. It means the world to us. 


Why we exist.

ZÖE carries our guests from possibility to reality, from where you are to where you are going.

What we offer.  

ZÖE is a place where we can replenish and fuel our imagination and life with beautiful shoes and lifestyle pieces.

How we do what we do. 

  • Our job description is to stand in another person’s shoes to understand what matters to them most of all. 
  • People matter to us first and foremost. It is important to us that each person who steps inside our doors, from an employee to a guest is treated with respect, dignity and honesty.
  • We listen and seek to understand, as if we are being shown the secrets of the universe.
  • We have fun, and practice a little zen now and then. Our shoppe is a peaceful, thoughtful and inspiring place, but sometimes a dance party breaks out or a yoga class.  And that’s awesome.
  • We represent brands that stand up for a better world. From Canadian Independents to International brands we align with those who demonstrate awareness about practicing social responsibility. Our prices reflect that and our customers embrace the desire to be part of good things.