Is ZÖE a person, place or thing?
ZÖE is a place.  But we hear there was a little fuzzy white dog who inspired the original Zoe’s Boutique on College Avenue in Regina some 30 years ago. Our shop pup Yogi looks like Zoe we are told.

What is ZÖE?
ZÖE is as a new concept and platform for showcasing original design. Inspired by her love of fashion and the independent boutique approach to retail, ZÖE is a place that would be a reprieve from the World of fast fashion and the over stimulation of the digital world.

What can I expect at ZÖE?
Expect a beautiful curated store filled with unique styles of shoes displayed painstakingly at three inches apart, clothing and special objects. Expect to feel like you are part of our family, as if we were welcoming you into our home. Expect a personal experience because every relationship matters to us. 

What’s the best memory that you have with your guests? 
My favourite part of every experience with our guests is getting to know about their lives and what inspired them to come to see us. I love the way she smiles when she meets her shoe, or a beautiful dress or accessory.  Our guests share private stories and trust us with the most important moments of their lives. That means the most to me.