COVID19 Customer Care Policy: Updated September 1,2020

Good day!

We would like to thank you for being here with us during COVID19.  These are challenging times and we are learning how to live in a new normal.  We have learned so much in the past weeks about the value of our approach to retail and why we and other small boutiques are the model of retail.  

The independent boutique approach to personalized service, quality and cleanliness serves as the pinnacle of what retail should be. The premium experience offered by boutique owners and fashion houses will be the new normal worldwide as the industry adjusts and people no longer feel comfortable in warehouses. 

Personal Online Shopping

ZÖE is a multi platform store operating in real time as well as online.  Our online shop which is connected to our social media platform is a service we have provided since 2017. During COVID19 we have gotten even better at personal service from a distance. Whether you are in our city, or somewhere else equally as amazing, shopping virtually is perfect. 

In Store Shopping (Effective May 19, 2020)  

On May 19 we resumed in-store shopping with stringent standards imposed by the government for the safety of all. We have considered how we can lead the way as an independent premium boutique experience.  

Therefore effective May 19 we adopted the following practices.

1. VIP Shopping by appointment: Just like you would book a hair or doctor appointment, now you can book a shopping appointment and have the luxury of enjoying our shoppe and full attention without interruption the VIP way. Book an appointment following the safe shopping health protocols. 

2.  ZÖEFAMILY Membership Shopping: For those guests who are part of our Membership Program we will deliver products to your home to try on. If you decide to purchase them, we can arrange that. If not, they will have to dry cleaned upon return. The annual membership program is $100, or an annual spend of $1000 in 2019.  Members also receive free shipping in Canada.  

3. In-store Cleanliness COVID19 Guidelines:

  • Customers are requested to wear a courtesy mask when social distancing isn’t possible. 
  • Face masks are available for purchase.
  • Putting on footwear without socks or nylons is not allowable.
  • Hand sanitizer is available for use at the door. 

4.  Required Return / Exchange Policy

  • We are unable to accept exchanges or returns during this time until further notice.  

5.  Staff Responsibility 

  • We will greet you happily.
  • We will smile (under our face masks). 
  • We will provide expert advice and guidance as to fit as we always have. 
  • We will ensure all surfaces that are touched are cleaned after each customer.

6. Group Shopping Appointments 

  • Customers are asked to maintain a physical distancing space of 2 meters at all times. In the meantime, we cannot offer group shopping experiences.  However, as life returns to normal, this service will be reinstated. 

 Thank you for reshaping the retail experience with us. 


Lynn Armstrong, Owner, ZÖE