You light up my life.

You light up my life.

 Hi friends. I hope you’re having an amazing summer. This year I am so in awe of the colours and the perfumes of the flowers in bloom. 

Our summer collection this year is dedicated to colours of summer. We love the yellows, pinks, golds, greens, oranges, and soft mauve tones that add joy to our lives.

Every day when I get dressed I start from the shoes up and sometimes I change three times a day!! In fact doesn’t everyone?

We’re busy people - going to work, maybe a yoga class or a walk in the park after work or a relaxing evening on the deck with friends.  It’s a multiple shoe day every day.  

I can’t wait to see you living your best life in great shoes. Tag us at #zoeconcept_shop and we will post to our community with your permission.  

See you soon!!




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