Thoughts on 2022

Thinking about the future these days . . . There are 2 things we can’t make more of - time and health.
For the past 2 covid years I have been balancing my shoppe’s covid survival in a deserted downtown with a full time job in another province via online, which are the reasons I shifted to a by appointment model during the week and offering public shopping on Saturday.
I was hoping that we would see a recovery by now. But we are entering 2022, and a fifth wave with no apparent plans for recovery of the downtown environment or the economy and I have to consider the viability of maintaining a store with a door while safeguarding time and health.
The fact that the store is still open is a testament to the support from my husband and special customers who have made an effort to be local. I appreciate that beyond words. Seeing my customers happy makes me happy and each time I feel a little more hopeful.
However costs are rising and I need to think about the future.
I love my business and what I have been able to do it, and I am hoping still that we will emerge.
I’ll say one thing. I think I and my customers have the best closet and the best shoes.
Today I launched my biggest sale ever to blow out inventory until the end of January. 

Thank you for support. 

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