I love winter.

I do! Even when it dips into the low lows. Today it’s a cool -46 degrees Celsius with windchill.

If you’re from the prairies, you know what I mean. You know what it feels like when the wind cuts through you like a knife. It’s sharp, and it takes your breath away.

I wrap myself in layers of leggings and sweaters, hats, and vintage fur coats from a local furrier from another era.  I treasure my hand beaded, moose hide gloves and mukluks made by an elderly woman in Northern Manitoba given to me for Christmas over 10 years ago.  Winter gives me a chance to appreciate these beautiful pieces for their intended purpose of warmth and fashion.  

But I also love the days and nights when it’s too cold to go outside. My rule is - if it’s too cold for me, it’s too cold for Yogi. And Yogi knows when it’s too cold to go outside. On days like this, we enjoy just being together. 

But what I love about winter is the chance to connect with my soul. I love to read, write, practice yoga, take long hot baths and sit by the fire with my husband Merv and of course, Yogi.

As the saying goes, we can run, but we can’t hide. Especially as we are facing the 5th wave of the pandemic. We’ve got to take our well being seriously, but we can’t be afraid to live.

My approach is to live a curated life. I shop in small businesses like my own, where there is an owner. I practice yoga in a small studio class of eight people, as well as at home in my own yoga space.

My shop operates on a by appointment because not only is it safer, but also because it makes sense for us all. And for me, I really enjoy getting to know my guests, who inevitably will become friends. 

While the pandemic has been a very stressful time for all of us, I am grateful that we have and will continue to adjust to the new way of life. And maybe through all of this, we appreciate the seasons of our lives, and learn to bask in the appreciation of each moment.

Namaste and peace and love to you.


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