Change.  It’s the one constant.

Change. It’s the one constant.

. . . the truth is, it’s not a question of happiness- it’s a question of curiosity.  I love to change and reinvent. And I love how a change in my environment - like a wall colour, fixtures or furniture - can lead to new ideas and a new outlook on life. 

It’s the onset of autumn and for me that means shifting to layers and textures in preparation for the cocooning season (winter). I am really looking forward to our space this autumn and winter. Our fireplace is an amazing feature that just makes me happy. 

Our space is cozy.  We have 775 square feet clad in warm hardwood floors and soft curtains.  All intentionally created to showcase our collections.

With over 100 shoe styles and a curated collection of clothing and objects I am convinced you will fall in love multiple times as I  did when I chose these items for you.

My thought on the secret to life is this: curiosity and discovery are essential to health, vibrancy and eternal youth.

I look forward to sharing our space with you this season. 



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