A Message from Our CEO


Hello, my name is Lynn Armstrong. I am the owner of ZÖE.  Over the past months of COVID I put in place a reset plan to not just adjust to the new normal but to own it and be part of the solution toward making the world a better place to be. I looked at our values - what we stand for and why it matters as the foundation for the future.

Above all, safety and security, integrity, compassion, quality and inspiration form the bedrock for the future. We see a future where good prevails. Where people are treated with dignity and respect. Where artists are paid fairly. Where the story of the artist and the entrepreneur is revered and valued.

My love of independent design is why I created ZÖE in 2016. It’s no secret that I don’t like the retail model of sell by mass consumption and the push to sell at the lowest price.  We don’t offer mass quantities of things made in the millions. We offer a limited curated collection of unique pieces.

And now as COVID-19 has crippled the supply chain we are seeing the downfall of the mass production mass consumption model.  

2020 and COVID-19 has created the opportunity to rethink and reset so that we can heal the people and the planet.  

 COVID-19 challenged me to rethink my very reason for being in business. I asked myself why it matters and how it is or can be part of making the world better.

I went back to the reason I started this business. I saw a new way of retail.  A better way. I saw a retail that is community centric. That brings positive energy   and possibilities. Life in a single step.

My passion is innovation in all things - art, fashion, interior design, business creation and reinventions - I love seeing how visions become something we can enjoy and participate in.

As an entrepreneur , ZÖE is my way to be a part of building futures of artists and designers and entrepreneurs. I am honoured to represent original design created by artists who are paid for their work. Our shoppe will get through this I believe, one person at a time, one step at a time.

We have made some changes  - including shopping by appointment and a personalized approach to buying, introducing a buyers program this fall. 

Thank you for your support this far.  I means so much to us and the artists we represent present and future. 

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