Zoeist: (Noun)

  1. One who is the centre of attention where ever he or she goes. 
  2. Whose magnifence can be shared on our Zine and Instagram 
  3. Who has the inside track on new productions, promotions and special offers.

Happy new year!

To commemorate the beginning of a new decade we are pleased to offer our customers official #Zoeist status. 

Join our ZÖEFAMILY customer appreciation program for an annual investment of $53 to receive the following benefits in person and online:

  • 10% off regularly priced and sale items purchased during the year;
  • Be the first to shop new arrivals;
  • Have special access to in store promotions and sales;
  • 30 day payment plans on purchases;
  • Access to purchase from our online store;
  • Free delivery in Canada and the United States.

Let's make it official.  Join ZÖEFAMILY. 

See you soon!

Lynn Armstrong, Owner, ZÖEIST AT LARGE

 #zoefamyqr #zoesshoesdowntown