ZÖE Shoes + Objects launches "ZÖE-AGAIN", an initiative that benefits women in the workplace. 

"February 1, 2020, we are pleased to launch "ZÖE-AGAIN", a shoppe of gently loved shoes and clothing," says Lynn Armstrong, owner of ZÖE.  

"We've all got pieces that no longer serve our lives," says Lynn Armstrong. "This is a way to pay it forward.  The owner brings the pieces to the store, we decide on the price, and as pieces are sold, the owner of the item receives a store credit.

Lynn Armstrong says the ZÖE-AGAIN initiative was inspired by a personal event in her own life.

"I was just barely out of university with two small children and I couldn't afford a professional wardrobe. My mentor, a Vice President at the Corporation offered me her previously loved pieces for a small fee of $300.00. That was still a lot for me, but I made payments."

"Wearing professional clothes changed the way I felt about myself at work - it gave me a new confidence, and in turn, helped others to see me differently. I never forgot how that changed my life and I have paid it forward to women whom I have mentored."

Located in downtown Regina, on 12th Avenue, Armstrong says that it's a great way for professional women to empower emerging professional women.

The program takes effect February 1, 2020. To set up an appointment or request more information, please contact: