Inside the ZÖE Experience

Picture, if you will, a gallery filled with the most essential, most beautiful pieces at your touch. A little white dog sleeps lazily on the sofa, tucked into his sheep skin rug, that he was sure was purchased just for him. Thoughtfully staged in a gallery setting are distinctive shoes, objects and clothing.  The plants in hand made custom macrame baskets love the light streaming in through the windows. ZÖE is the place where weary travellers come to escape the world, have a tea and enjoy shopping, the way it was meant to be experienced. 

ZÖE is on 12th Avenue in the "Land under the Sun", just a block away is the swanky Hotel Saskatchewan and surrounded by towers of people at work.  But despite the busy life outside its doors, ZÖE has all the makings of a neighborhood haunt—a cozy couch to sit upon, a friendly little dog named Yogi, friendly staff, and beautiful shoes and hand made pieces - and that’s without even noting the full-fledged bar, where you can warm up with a tea or maybe a beverage on special occasions. 

"There are no accidents", says Lynn, owner and buyer of ZÖE, "there is only fashion. Each piece of our collections are hand picked for a particular customer. The sights, the sounds, the smells are all intended to sooth the weary soul.”

Against the gallery white walls are pieces in blues, reds and clay tones, punctuated with cow print, patents and soft leathers.

Comfort is a major theme, even in the tone and textures of the shoes and clothing.

"There is definitely a theme of earth tones and texture," says Lynn. "I tend to lean toward the classics when I am buying, but I love a punch of colour and texture, because we all want the classics, but we also want that punch of colour or texture that says 'I am here.'”

Hand made is a theme that embodies the ZÖE Experience. Each piece of furniture, and each fixture was designed and built for ZÖE.

The 12' x 12' Shoe Library houses the shoe collections by Intentionally Blank, Fluevog, Chie Mihara and Camper, to name a few.  Lynn slides the ladder along the antique rail from an old barn, it clatters loudly. She climbs the ladder in heels (yes) and brings down a box of Chie Mihara bridal shoes for a customer. 

"Our collections are rare and unique like the men and women who wear them."

"We think of ourselves as an escape from the world outside our door, both in person and when our guests visit our online store. We enjoy spending time with each person and getting to know them, so that we can make their dreams come true." 

"A lot of times, people come to our shoppe after a day  . . . you know the kind  . . . the kind you need a break from. Other times, we are the place they come to collaborate on a new idea - like our friend and long time Zoest Betty Lynn today.  We enjoy getting to know our guests and making the time spent with us a good memory."

Stop by and visit ZÖE on 12th Avenue to discover something new. 

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