A Dance in Isolation

It's a poignant sight. The streets are deserted, cluttered only with leaves and debris along the empty sidewalks. Our business and all non essential businesses are closed to reduce the spread of the COVID19 virus.  It hit home almost a month ago, that something that began on the other side of the world is here in our homes and our community.

Finding joy in the smallest things matters because if there's one thing that COVID19 has taught us, it's that one person, each person, and every step we take, makes a difference.

A facetime conversation with friends over a glass of wine, a conversation with my grandsons about their weekly adventures in home schooling, and I immerse myself in my work, and my passions, writing, fashion and music.

It's Fluevog Friday, and my favourite day of the week. Because it's the day that I dance.  No matter how I am feeling. No matter what has happened during the week. I dance because it makes people happy. And it makes me happy. 

So today I danced in isolation for the doctors and nurses and essential workers who put themselves at risk every day.

I danced in isolation for every person who is putting his or her life on hold by staying home to save others.

Today I danced in insolation to Céline Dion's - Nobody's Watching from her Courage CD (2019.)

I hope it brings some joy to your life today.  Some day we'll be together again.  The streets will be filled and we will gather again in all the familiar places.  And we will dance.

Catch the dance on our IGTV channel . Big thanks to my Instagram Husband, Merv who humours me every week.  



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