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The Power of Personal Style

“Style is about an individual and fashion is about an industry . . . When you see a very fast and visceral change in yourself - once you see that that’s possible you start to wonder what else is possible. The idea of seeing is believing is a short cut. It’s like seeing is feeling something different which means you can think and believe something and that’s what leads to something different . . . By changing what you see is the first step in changing what you believe.”

- Stacy London, in a podcast interview with Unstyled.



Photo repost @stacylondonreal / @ChristeenBarbarich #Unstyled

Yesterday I listened to Stacy London, cohost of What Not to Wear,  talk about the transformative power of fashion as a tool to building confidence. 

It made me happy because I see this every day helping women and men find the perfect pair of shoes, beautiful garment or fantastic accessory.

At ZÖE, I also make space artisans to show their product proudly and to grow their businesses. I feel passionate about that as the mother of a fashion designer.

This is my why that gets me up on my feet every day. What is it that brings you to life? 

Check out the interview here. 


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