What to wear on the hill of vision

Here’s something you may not know about me. For more than 25 years I was a corporate planner helping executives climb the hill of vision.

Part of the strategic planning process is risk scenario planning, which is to look forward and try and see what could affect the strategic plan and more importantly the vision.

In 25 years nobody every said - “there could be a global pandemic that would bring the world to its knees.”

And yet here we are. In a day we went from that to this. 

Which proves that just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

I admit I did not imagine a time when we would be in our basement living in slippers.

But how we deal with life is a choice. There is what happens and how we react. 

I choose footwear and design that inspires and feeds our soles and our souls. Because I have faith in the human spirit.

And because  every step we take takes us to the place we are.

Mindfully yours, 


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