Countdown to 2020

Why you matter to us.

Hi! I thought I would take a moment to share a story with you.

We don’t really see ourselves as a store where people just buy things from lightbulbs to paper clips.

We are a special place where people come to share their lives with us. Even more special, the pieces we carry each tell the story of their maker.  We represent Canadian artists and our footwear is curated to stand out.

Like you, our guests come from all places and all walks of life. And we aspire always to make it the best experience of your day, whether you are with us in person or here, reading this online.

When you message ZÖE, or when you visit in person you are speaking to me.  When you choose something that inspires you every time you see it or wear it, it will come from our place.  Not a warehouse in a far away place we can’t pronounce. 

When I say you mean the world to me I mean it.  Thank you for sharing your time with us.  See you soon!

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