Connecting during COVID19

Being away from our daily routine, our family and our loved ones is hard but it matters. So I thought I’d share some ideas on how to navigate these weird times. 

  1. Set up FaceTime play dates or group teleconferencing with family and friends.
  2. Set up a private Facebook group for friends and family for family updates.  This is a great way to update the fam in one place without the whole world knowing your business.
  3. Send a text - hey thinking of you. 
  4. Get up and get dressed. Pyjamas are a mind trap. You see you every day. You matter.
  5. Look for ways to be helpful to the community. from your pod by sharing positive and accurate information.
  6. Keep a Private journal. These are strange and interesting times plus it’s a great way to avoid your phone or computer all day. And it’s a great way to get things out of your head.
  7. Try a new hobby. I am thinking of making some face masks.
  8. Practice yoga with some online friends.
  9. Be an inspiration.


Namaste.  We’ll see you in the other side. In the meantime, stay home and healthy so that those who are providing essential services are safe.  



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