A Seed of Hope

Today is the first day of spring, and I am thinking about the garden that we are growing, and the one that we have a chance to grow, if only we can imagine it. 

We know the story, we have lived it together, in isolation of each other. A year ago, the world was thrown into a time warp, when time would stand still, while we held our breath so that we could keep each other safe.

At first we all thought we were stepping back from life for two weeks, and then that became months, and now it's been a year.

I think in the end we all learned something: that the unimaginable path can be  navigated, one step at a time, with good intentions. 

Step by step, it was my intention to serve my community in whatever way they needed. I went back to my vision for the world that I wanted to contribute to creating . . . and so I danced to find joy in a world separated from itself and each other.  

I now know that what we offer is more important than it ever was before. Because ZÖE can make people happy. And happiness is what we need more of in this new world that we are creating together. 

ZÖE is the Greek word for life. And life is precious as we have come to understand in the COVID-19 lesson. 

Today is the first day of spring.  Spring is about hope and new beginnings. The other day my yoga teacher asked the question - what seeds will you plant this season, and what fruits will you bear because of this single act of planting a seed?

I offer you the seeds of hope - that we find the joy in the moments of life that connect us. 

We will emerge, and we can hug each other again.  It’s up to us how.  And even if this new life is not the way we thought it would be, it can better, if we plant the seeds now.



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