Take Care Out There

There on the floor in “corpse pose” on my yoga mat after and exhaustive Hatha class in my COVID Recovering body and mind I lay still, attempting to focus on my breath - the pace, the depth, the cadence. I soften my eyes and release my jaw and take a breath in, and exhale.

In Savasana I focus on my body - the parts of my body, first with my toes, then my ankles, shins, thighs, hips, belly, shoulders and then my arms and hands.  By the time I get to my hands there is a heaviness there - as if each of my fingers is weighed down. 

What I focus on feels heavy, I observe.  This year there has been a lot of heaviness.  Covid has affected us in ways we do not yet understand - physically, mentally, emotionally, financially.  It’s deep - at the cellular level.

This month I am listening to the stories of addiction and those affected by it.  Learning to be still and listening without judging is a practice. I expect there will be more tears in Savasana but this is how we heal -  by listening and practicing compassion.  That, my friends, is the way we will get through this together.

Find out about Stop the Harm and help bring awareness and hopefully, change. 

Om Shanti. 


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