From a bakery to a shoe story.

On August 1, the first day of opening our new shoppe at 1928 12th Avenue in Regina, a man walked in, stood in the entrance and said - “this is where The Wooden Shoe Bakery was. Right here.” “Well that must have been a while ago I replied.” He went on to introduce himself as the father of Anita Sikma, Bob (Bauke), and that his parents owned the bakery. I got chills when I realized we had transcended time, from the independent business of the Bakery to Anita Sikma and ZÖE. 

Jewelry designer Anita Sikma first contacted us via my daughter Sara Armstrong (not knowing she is our curator) to inquire about ZÖE to represent her work.  ZÖE was where she got her first important pair of shoes (Fluevogs) when she was 15, (a story which Bauke recounted the other day.)

Anita Sikma, Jewelry Designer

Anita is a Saskatchewan born artist now living and working very successfully as a jewelry designer in Vancouver.  Her collection is inspired by her dad, Bauke, a mechanic and shop owner in Strasbourg, Saskatchewan   

We introduced Anita Sikma to ZÖE in 2018 and look forward to launching a special collection exclusive to ZÖE this month, known as AS+ZS, which is even more special with the Sikma / ZÖE on 12th Connection.  Read Anita’s post on the significance of this relationship that has come full circle from her grandparents to her life and ZÖE.  Anita Sikma text on The Little Wooden Shoe Bakery and ZÖE on 12th

The Wooden Shoe Bakery, photos supplied by Anita Sikma

It’s amazing and awe inspiring - how our lives are connected.  Call it serendipity. Call it fate.  Call it destiny.  It’s all three. That’s ZÖE.  More than three generations deep.  

Anita’s collection is available at ZÖE. Watch for the unveiling of AS+ZS.  

 AS+ZS collection.  By Anita Sikma

 Anita Sikma + ZÖE Shoes Collection preview

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