Sandy's Chesterfield Gala

Every year about this time, Sandy visits for her annual gala footwear. She is the CEO of the Saskatchewan Science Centre, and host of the annual Fantasy Food Fundraiser.

In 2020 the fundraiser was cancelled due to COVID19 shut downs. This year the shut down continues, but Sandy found a way to keep the spirit of Fantasy Foods alive, and support local shops and restaurants. 

Last weekend, Sandy took the virtual approach, hosting Fantasy Food 2021 - The Chesterfield Gala. As her guests enjoyed meals from local restaurants, Sandy shared some of her favourite fashion moments on Instagram and Facebook.  We are so proud to be a part of Sandy's fashion story and her love of local business.

 Sandy reminds me that life is what we make it.  And each moment is an opportunity to be part of what makes life better in the moment for each other.  

Have a lovely Easter and remember that although this too shall pass, we have the opportunity to make this moment the best we can. 



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