Heirloom Hats - Custom Order Service Deadline June 5

Our focus is to support enterprising artists in their mission.  Since 2016 we have proudly offered Heirloom Hats to our guests, beginning with The Gray Matter, her first hat collection.  Each season we offer our guests a special capsule collection and this season we need your input, because it's got to be right for you, as each hata will be hand made for you. 

Meet Samantha, Milner, Founder of Heirloom Hats

Handling thread and needle from the tender age of 8, the Montreal based designer Samantha-Tara Mainville, always had a penchant for sewing. From her Lasalle College days, specializing in fashion design, she discovers a true passion for hat making. She then goes on to pursue training in the art of millinery, leading to a course in pattern making from which ensues an internship with a renowned Montreal based milliner (who, among other designs, created the famous hat worn by Johnny Depp in The Secret Window).


Samantha's Mission:




Since the beginning of time, millinery has remained a noble and creative art. Hence, becoming one of fashions oldest accessory to transcend through time. At Heirloom, our desire is to share this practice in today's world. We take pride in creating high quality hats by combining modern aesthetics with original and creative methods. Our company name is significant with our inspirations and vision.

 Heirloom, synonym with inheritance, is to share and pass on from one generation to the next. We aspire to preserve and protect this tradition in a contemporary way. To reach this goal, we ensure a meticulous attention to all details, big or small, including transformation of materials. Moreover, every Heirloom hat is imagined, created and developed by hand at our Montreal based studio, allowing us to maintain our authenticity and integrity.


 1. Vist the custom order link


 or come to our shoppe. 

2.  Choose your hat, style and size.  (If you wonder about size, measure the circumferance of your head from the centre of your forehead the the back of your head. We also have sizes in store that you can try.)

3.  Process your order online through checkout or come into the store and we can take your order and payment.

4.  Allow time for creation.  


Deadline for orders is June 5. 

Samantha-Tara Mainville, Milner, Designer and  Founder of Heirloom Hats

Samantha - Tara Mainville, Milner, Designer, Founder of Heirloom Hats

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