Who do I think I am.

Some thoughts on vision and purpose. My love affair with fashion began with the wind.

I remember events in my life by what I wore from my first day of school to this day to this  day when my daughter Sara Armstrong showed her first collection at Vancouver Fashion Week. I was the owner and publisher of SKY Magazine then. 

Another woman publisher approached me asking - who are you? I was unable to answer because I had no idea. I was two years into starting over after a 25 year career in the corporate world where my job defined my purpose.

“I’m Sara’s mother” I replied awkwardly. She said “no I mean you are killing it. You don’t look like a woman who wears beige and blends into the space. You stand out.”

This photo I was in the photographer’s nest with Vogue photographing my daughter’s runway. 

From 2012 -2016 I published SKY Magazine which was focused on fashion and retail in my city  

On this day I had no idea I would someday be inside the fashion industry as opposed to an outsider reporting on it. 

But every step we take when we follow our heart leads us to the place we should be.

The walk does matter. 

Walk well. 



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