And you have changed my life.

“And you have changed my life. Thank you very much.” - E. Jean Carroll 

 I heard this today on a Unstyled podcast with Christene Barbarich by the amazing E. Jean Carroll, and I love it so much that it now sits at our desk in our shops.  It reminds me that we are woven together through the stories we live and share. 

E. Jean Carroll is a columnist in Elle Magazine.  Her column is entitled “Ask Jean”.  She is also the author of her memoir “What do we need men for?” 

I also love how she talks about fashion and it’s importance to her... “I decide who I am that day and I put on that outfit. My clothes are such a part to let the world know what you’re thinking that day . . . how you’re feeling that day . . .  They just help me describe to the world who I am . . .”

It’s a nice thought to think.  Think good thoughts.

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