The Story, Told Through the Eye of the Needle

Wendy Cook, Founder, Eye of Needle Shop

That which comes through the heart, must pass through the eye of the needle.  

Wendy Cook is a professional wardrobe stylist and the founder and creator of Eye of Needle. She is a self taught designer and bead weaver, who creates off loom beaded objects inspired by her love of fashion, art, nature and her rich family history.  Each Eye of Needle piece bears the heartbeat of a story that connects the past to the present.

Wendy imagines and creates objects - each one brought to life in a riot of colour, pattern and history. Typically bold and large designs show her love for fashion editorials. Her work mainly consists of off loom pieces generally made out of Japanese Muyuki Delica glass beads, sterling silver, brass and re-purposed materials.

She described herself as a creative person - needing to create something.  “Beadweaving is extremely helpful in relaxing my mind.  Super meditative in a way  .”

“I also love that it’s time consuming.  Time is precious and I love holding a piece that’s taken me hours to do.  It’s a big sense of accomplishment.” 

Each Eye of Needle object references the geometric patterns, colours and shapes inspired by her history, nature and a love for fashion. Representing hours of work, they are truly a labour of love, artistically, but also a story that lives on through the eye of the needle. 

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To read more about Wendy’s history see the attached. 

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