This is going to be the best day of my life.

Dear ZÖE(est),

Yes, you. ZÖE(est) is a term of endearment that we use to describe our community.  My name is Lynn Armstrong. I am the owner of ZÖE, and I wanted to personally take this time to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your presence. 

We call our place “ZÖE”, the Greek word for life, which, in a word is why we exist. This is the place where lives are lived, and shared and celebrated. We are very proud to be your place. We took a step back to look at our why. Our raison d'être, so to speak. 

Three and a half years ago, we walked into this business to serve the community of men and women who are living their own vision, from our guests whose shoes and objects carry them through their lives, to the entrepreneurs and brand makers that we proudly represent.We see the importance of reflecting a world view that embraces who we are, in all walks of life. 

Where ever we go, ZÖE(ests) stand out, not because of what we wear, but because we are courageous in sharing ourselves with the world. To us, fashion, from footwear to hats and even our home environment, is about self expression, integrity and authenticity. It is the first statement we make about who we think we are. So when we choose pieces for our guests, we look for the opportunity to help you tell your story, whether it's a pair of shoes, a hat, an amazing outfit, or a pair of hand beaded earrings.  

This is why we love pieces that embody self expression, because we know that  they will help you tell your story of who you are.  So this is who we are.  

Our Mission: The Walk Matters

Every person has a story - a new boss, a new baby, a retirement, a wedding, a celebration of life, a good day, a day that needs a happy ending . . . and we want to honour that. 

Each piece that we offer, from footwear to apparel and special objects has a special quality - it is timeless, special, functional, and very often rare, one of a kind pieces made by independent makers. The pieces in our collection represent the heart and hand of its maker.

Our Values

Mi casa es su casa. Our place is your place. Each person who crosses our threshold is a guest. We want you to have a pleasurable personal experience. We want to get to know you, where you are going, where your shoes will take you. 
We are community. We know that how we show up in the world is who we are and the stronger our communities are, the better.  Just as we support our guests in their life events, we support and encourage the community of entrepreneurs / artists who works of art you come to enjoy. 
We are world travellers. ZÖE embodies the appeal of another world beyond the world outside of our door.  So when our guests enter, the sensory experience begins from the sights, sounds and smell to the tactile.  We are all world travellers with the sole of a wanderer. Whether you walk through our doors on 12th Avenue, in Regina, Canada, or you walk through our door online at, we share a love of inspiration, innovation and collective individuality through design.
We are unique soles. Our stories are written in the lives we live, so each moment matters. Each step we take is a step somewhere new. We celebrate the uniqueness of each of our guests, the uniqueness of our designers and their designs, and the powerful story that unique fashion tells.


So that's who we are.  We look forward to getting to know you.  Have an amazing day.  


(Photo credit: Noemi)

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  • Emily Durbin

    Great introduction of Zoe.The store is beautiful,very friendly and inviting to shop.The quality is definitely number one.Worth walking through that door and shopping.

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