Remembering Dionne Warner

Dionne and Graham Warner, SKY Magazine

“He looks upon her lovingly as if she is the only person in the room, his eyes sparkle when she smiles, listening to every word in awe.  She is the angel in her life, and he is her wingman.” - The Love Story of a Warrior and her Wingman, Lynn Armstrong  SKY Magazine, Summer 2014.

We all have a story of how Dionne’s light shone so brightly. It was May 2014; I was walking in a fashion show fundraiser along with three cancer survivors in support of Cancer.  It was there I met Dionne and Graham Warner.  I was the publisher of SKY Magazine, and the summer issue was in the works.  After meeting Dionne and Graham, I knew I had to dedicate the summer issue to tell their love story.

February 1, after a long and fierce battle with cancer, Dionne passed on the torch, leaving a legacy of hope. Our thoughts are with her wingman and husband Graham.

To know Dionne was to understand the true meaning of life in a single step.  I will treasure her memory always.  Their love story is here. 

Photo credit: Greg Huszar for SKY Magazine 

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