An Interview with Nadya Toto

Today we reached out to Canadian designer, Nadya Toto, at her home studio in Montreal. 

Nadya Toto

1. What's inspiring you these days?

PEACE.  Transquillity.  No phones ringing, no meetings.  I am at total inner peace and that is to me the biggest inspiration.  Inspiration doesn't have to be material or visual.  It all happens inside. 

2.  How would you describe your muse? The woman you design for?

As my Italian roots are a big part of who I am today, my Muses are actresses Ornella Muti and Claudia Cardinale. 

Ornella MutiClaudia Cardinale

3. How as COVID19 affected your creative process?

I would say it is a very positive time for me, and I believe for many, many artists / creators of this world. 

As I love solitude (which doen't happen often normal work days!) I am taking advantage of these times to create and evolve in many ways. Let's not forget to thank the UNIVERSE. 

4.  If you could say one thing to elevate spirits in the world, what would it be?

Be happy how life presents itself, in any kind of way.  Time is precious. Let's make the best of it while time is present.  Tomorrow is too late. 



Nadya Toto

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