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Why don't some brands offer deals for Black Friday?

In a few weeks, with Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, we will be driven to buy irrationally in the midst of aggressive marketing campaigns.

 What started in the United States as a Christmas shopping day after Thanksgiving, has become a global phenomenon, with many other countries participating in 24 hours, or in some cases a whole weekend, shopping frantic.

Brands, charities and even some brave retailers are questioning the frenzy of bargain hunting that is Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

"If a plumber or doctor on Black Friday doesn't make discounts, why do artisans have to do it?"

With this strong phrase, Jorge García Magariños, CEO of The Extreme Collection defends the work of the professionals who work in his collection: patronists, embroiderers, ironers and a wide range of specialists who have recovered an old trade and who work many hours to finish the collections of blazers and knitwear 100% Made in Spain.

“We manufacture in Spain, our manufacturing process takes into account the impact on the environment and above all, we take care of the working conditions of our employees.

Black Friday encourages meaningless consumption that will lead to environmental disaster.

If 70% discount is made during Black Friday, what is the value of that product? Does the original price or is inflated to make these huge discounts?”

It is very curious to note that associations and business entities are carrying out an imposing advertising campaign, when they may be the ones who can lose the most with this overwhelming commercial movement.

Does Black Friday mean an increase in job creation?

You can give that impression, but it is temporary and poorly paid employment. The margins he leaves are so tiny that it is impossible to offer fair employment. It is neither profitable nor sustainable.

And how to fight an entire industry that promotes contrary values? In The Extreme Collection they are committed to a revolution that begins respecting the value of artisan work and says “no” to Black Friday.

It is not just an ethical decision, but it is also the right business option. Periods of continuous sales impoverish the industry and encourage exploitation.

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