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Why Hats are on our Minds


Dave Finches' Gray Matters Fundraiser  / photo credit Heather Sproat

Early January, Suzanne Finch, wife and mother walked into our shop to ask for our help in raising funds for her husband Dave who is battling brain cancer.  She told me that the treatments that work are not covered by medicare, so she decided to take matters into her hands and host a fundraiser.  The fundraiser is entitled "Dave's Gray Matters", and will take place on February 8. The following is an excerpt from the Facebook page.

"In November, 2015, Dave and his family were given the horrible news that he had a tumour growing in his brain. Shortly after, he began taking naturopathic treatments that appeared to keep the tumour from growing and becoming more aggressive. Unfortunately, these treatments are very costly and are not covered. Not long after he stopped treatments, his tumour began to grow and he had surgery in July of 2016 to remove the bulk of the tumour. They were unable to remove it all as it was too close to important nerves in his brain. As it is, the surgery has left him with impairments that make him unable to work. In December 2017, Dave was told after a routine MRI that his tumour was once again growing and becoming far more aggressive. Suzanne has taken on two jobs, but in light of recent news, would like to spend more time at home with Dave and their children, Andrew and Tessa. Time is of the essence and Dave needs to be back on treatments as soon as possible. Money raised will go towards these treatments."

ZÖE wants to help, so here is our plan: 

1.  ZÖE has donated one of our hats from Heirloom Hat's Grey Matter  Collection, Ranvier, featured in our video "10,000 Steps" released May 2017. The hat is hand made by Canadian Milner Samantha Tara-Mainville from rabbit fur felt, valued at $300.00.

Ranvier by Heirloom Hats, 10,000 Steps, ZÖE Shoes + Objects

2.  ZÖE will also donate 10% of each Heirloom Hat purchased from now until February 8. 

3.  We are also accepting cash donations at the shoppe.  

4.  ZÖE is selling tickets on their behalf. Tickets are $30.00, cash or cheque. 

Visit the Facebook Event to find out more.  Let's do everything we can to help this family.  


Lynn Armstrong