Chapter 10: Pause

2 weeks ago my coach and I agreed that I would “do nothing”. Take a break. Not react. Not judge. It sounded easy enough. But it wasn’t. And it isn’t. I wish I could say I mastered the art of stepping back from trying to control an outcome but let’s just say it’s a practice.

In fact fear tells us we can’t succeed. That we are too old. That we are too young. That we are failing. That we will lose everything that we have worked for.

This leads is down the path of destruction and desperation, when we start throwing tactics at the pain and fear. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy and our fears will likely come to fruition because we have manifested it.

This has been my pattern as it relates to my retail business that is functioning at a low level that I never would have thought possible since COVID descended in 2020.

The online solution that we thought was the bridge back to life is now proving to be ineffective because it’s a very crowded. 

The in person experience - the human shopping experience - is expensive and labour intensive because it requires a space to be maintained, a selection of products and a personal service experience. And all if this must be paid for. But the usage of this experience does not justify the cost.

So therein lies the conundrum. And so I need to step back and get some perspective. No advice thanks. I think I know what everyone thinks. I just don’t know what I think.



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