Chapter 6: Ice cream

This was written April 6, 2021, three years ago . . . 


Hi. I wanted to tell you about this thing I do which has a debilitating affect on my body and soul.

I am in love with a small boutique on life support. To say it is affected by Covid-19 is an understatement. It’s actually beyond that now.

Since March 2020 every day is about holding on and fighting for it life. Ironically my business is called ZÖE which is the Greek word for life. And it’s neither alive nor dead. It’s teetering.

The truth Is - I’ve been on this teeter totter for more than a year. Running a small business is not an easy thing. But as an entrepreneur I am learning how to navigate in a state of - well non-viability.

But I do a thing. There are days when I think if I just moved that there or put this here it would solve the business’ issues.

I justify this to myself saying that it gives me a sense of control in an out-of-control state. And it does in the moment. And I want my place to be beautiful even if no one ever sees it. I want it to be a beautiful respite that remains unaffected by the pandemic world.

But sometimes it’s like when a child is crying for help and one responds with ice cream. It’s not a solution. And it hurts the child over time in a myriad of ways.

Well my child screams at me - help me. There are days that I give it ice cream rather than accepting that life is inevitably fragile and that all things have their time to shine.

Last year I didn’t think it would make it this far. And it is not functioning at a viable state. So I don’t know. But I do know I can’t love it any more than I have and I can’t let it hurt me anymore. I have to accept that it may be irrelevant for the new world.

Lynn Armstrong 

April 6, 2021 

#mybodymybrand #smallbusinesssupport

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