We are all superheroes.

Today five year old Asa (pronounced owww-sa, she was quick to explain) came to shop with her mom, wearing a red skirt, black knee high boots, a superwoman t-shirt and a cape.  I showed her how her skirt matched our SARA ARMSTRONG red silk skirts, and she smiled.  Asa shopped the shoes, the purses and the sparkly socks.  Her mom told me she liked to dress herself and today was feeling particularly superheroish. 

I like Asa's approach.  Fashion is a source of empowerment.  Through fashion, we get to decide how we show up every day.  If you find yourself lost between the restriction of corporate attire and freedom, maybe start with a superwoman t-shirt, a red silk skirt, and cape. Like Asa.

Lynn Armstrong, Owner, ZÖE 

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