Canadian Coat Design 'So Martha So Mary' Joins ZÖE's Showroom

Posted by Lynn Armstrong on

Laura Warkentin, designer and creator of the Canadian coat brand So Martha So Mary, understands what it takes to not only stand up to a cold Canadian winter but how to make it effortlessly stylish.  

Originally from Saskatchewan, which is known for brutally cold winters where the temperature can dip to -40 degrees Celsius without the wind chill, Laura offers a design perspective that melds warmth, romance and style.  Her fabrics are sourced in Paris, featuring only natural fibers, in rich hues and textures.

Laura's fashion design career took flight after she retired from a nursing career.  "I really just wanted a good coat and couldn't find one.  So I thought this is something I want to do." 

She studied at the Fashion Arts Program at Vancouver Community College, beginning with pattern drafting and then progressing into the full completion of the program. Upon completion she was awarded the Gabriel Levy Scholarship, and began to pursue her passion for the perfect winter coat, made for Canadian winters, and the women who want to be effortlessly stylish no matter how low the temperature dips. 

"When I created So Martha So Mary, I wanted to create a product that would appeal to women through all the events of their lives from day to day.  And I wanted a product that could be ethically and sustainably produced."

Laura oversees the design and production of each coat from her Vancouver home base where whe now resides with her family. 

 Her brand, So Martha So Mary, Perfect Either Way, speaks to the woman who is looking for quality fashionable winter wear, whether she's wearing Jeans, professional attire, or formal attire. 

Her collection is made to order, to meet the needs of every woman.  Pieces are available in our showroom and available through our online store until December 15.  Come by and choose the coat that will finally make winter the season you can't wait for.  




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