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The store of love and Bano eeMee Leathers

Lynn Armstrong

"Bano eeMee is all about people . . . when you wear a Bano eeMee leather, you will feel connected to the hands that created the piece thousands of miles away and who you are indirectly supporting by supporting ethical and conscientous fashion."  - Aleem Arif, Founder, Designer, Entrepreneur 

We are proud to once again offer Bano eeMee to our guests, who love leather that is stylish, well designed and sustainably produced with love. Aleem Arif is the founder of the brand, and designer.  

"We are socially conscious fashion company based in Toronto, Canada and use fashion to make a difference by creating fair-work opportunities in disadvantaged  communities around the world. Sale of a Bano eeMee jacket translates into fair paid work for two days for three artisans (1 jacket > 2 days of fair paid work > for 3 artisans)", says Aleem. 

Bano eeMee leathers are designed as timeless pieces that evolve into wardrobe staples. The quality craftsmanship means that Bano eeMee jackets don't just last for a couple seasons but for a lifetime of wear: our answer to fast fashion.


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