The Power of a Wish

Lynn Armstrong


“Zoe’s has always been ‘my store’,  so when I walked into the store on February 1, 2016 as the new owner, my vision was to carry forward the legacy while fostering a new retail vision,” says Lynn Armstrong.  Lynn is now celebrating ZÖE’s 3rd birthday.  

“From February 1-7 the ZÖE Make A Wish promotion is offering guests an opportunity to purchase that special something from all collections for a special birthday price.”

This year is also the 32nd year of the legacy of ZÖE, which was created by entrepreneurs who had a wish to inspire people with beautiful pieces for their lives.  The originally named “Zoe’s Boutique,” was located on College Avenue in Regina, and was then relocated to downtown Regina where it is today.  

On February 1, 2016 Lynn Armstrong, a professional communications and strategy expert, walked through the door as the new owner with a vision to expand the shop’s reach both locally and internationally. 

By February 15, 2016 work had begun with the renovation of the shoppe’s look, a rebrand from Zoe’s Boutique to ZÖE and a new international and curated product strategy.  

“ZÖE is the Greek word for life and that is in essence what we are about. Everyone who walks through our door has a special reason - a life event.  We wanted to honour the legacy and the memory of the brand while expanding it to inspire people from all over the world.” 

But something closer to Lynn’s heart is the true driving force behind ZÖE.  

“When I had the opportunity to carry forward this important legacy I wanted it to be a part of what I see as a new retail that is emerging - a retail that celebrates the artists and designers who are the source of creation.  My daughter is a designer and so I see the importance of nurturing their talents, visions and wishes, because that is, after all, the very foundation of why retail and mercantilism exists.” 

In July 2017, the online store opened its doors, including an integrated social media platform.  

“ZÖE is a family business and so the personal touch is what you can expect wherever you are.  Whether you shop in person at 1928 12th Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan or online at www.zoesshoes.com, the person helping you is a person who wants your experience to be amazing.”

So Make a wish.  It’s your day.  




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