Thank you.

In Canada we are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend, and I wanted to take a minute to thank you for being here with me. I am very proud and honoured to serve my customers wherever you are. 

I started this business in 2016 as a small shop on a corner. Over the years, there have been good times and there have been challenging times - times where we learn the most.

Online shopping was a growing industry and we welcomed the opportunity to expand ZÖE into the online world.  In our world geographic location is increasingly irrelevant. Which is really amazing - to be able to serve a customer anywhere in the world.

Our customers value experience and it’s important to me that each customer’s experience is discreet and tailored to them.

So since January 2020 we have welcomed the opportunity to redefine in person shopping with an exclusive personal shopping experience.

We have all changed.  So it’s more important than ever before to align based on values and connections. ZÖE is not a transactional business. It is a business built on trust and mutual respect.  

My favourite part will always be the people and the relationships. So I wanted  to say thank you and that I am thankful for you. 



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