Tudo Bem

Tudo Bem

Every year I think - this is the one. And each year has been “the one” - each one unique with its challenges and its opportunities. Four locations in 8 years brought me back to where I am supposed to be.

The pandemic - though scary and devastating in many ways, it changed the way I looked at my business and the world, which opened doors that I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

The hardest part was feeling like I was standing still because the world was standing still. And for a shoe store owner, that’s terrifying. And so I danced. And I planned. And I adjusted.

Here’s what I know for sure. Things are the way they are supposed to be even if we don’t see it through the steps. If wishes were pennies . . . But wishing is futile.

I believe in manifestation and intention. When your mind’s eye sees, the heart and the feet follow. Brazilians say “Tudo bem” which means, all good.


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