Why it’s time to RESET.

I wrote this piece in 2018. It’s called “Pretty smart When I am not running a shoe store.”

I work my retail business 90% of the time, actively on floor. There are many guests who, when they come in my door, I greet them with a hug, because I sincerely, appreciate them and love their company.  This is what happens 90% of the time.  Many people who shop in my boutique either have become friends, or are about to become friends.”

It’s not usual for retail businesses to share business strategy. Usually retail language is about inspiring.

But these are challenging times that have placed small businesses like ours at risk. We are at the tipping point where we need to not just change. We need to turn on a dime.

Covid19 is changing the way we serve our customers. And that’s why I put the RESET plan in place. In order to #reimagine, #evolve, #see a new future for #everyone and #transform.

We set a timeframe of 90 days. The first phase which is online ends May 19. Please read about our COVID19 Safety Plan. We know you have a world to choose from in the online world but we hope you will choose us this time.