Pink is the Comeback Colour

Did you know that flamingos in captivity fade to white? And the more free and safe a flamingo is, the brighter the feathers? People are like that. We are all birds of a feather who need to be free and safe to be happy.

I wrote a book about being a Flamingo, more specifically - "How to be a Pink Flamingo in a Brown Duck Pond," which will be available soon. (Watch for details).

Pink is my soul colour, and as it turns out, I am not alone. Yesterday I was so excited to get my nails done at my local spa with the opening of phase 3. It's amazing how much more I feel like me now. I asked Candice, my nail guru, what the most chosen colour is and she said pink.

"Pink is the come back colour" I exclaimed! It just feels good. Pink is the colour of a kinder, gentler world. A safer world. A place where we are free.

We've all worked really hard to flatten the curve and make the world safe for each other again. We stood still for a time. We found new ways of living and working. 

We changed too, and are adapting to the new way of life. All of us.  

Our online store is more than a store now. It is a community space. A gathering place like our real time store on 12th.  Our customers are visiting us online more, and shopping in person by appointment during the week while most are still working from home, home schooling their children, and living the Zoom Life. We are also open to the public on Saturday from 11 - 5.

Feel free to shop our online store if you prefer that approach these days. Know that if you see it, we have it, and we will send it to you without delay.

Of course, I would love to see you. As downtown opens up and people come back to work we look forward to a busy sidewalk once gain.  Our door is open 11 - 5 Tuesday to Saturday. 

To book an appointment, or just to give me a heads up that you are coming by, contact me at 306.581.0715 (Text) or email at

Lynn Armstrong, Owner, ZÖE

Pink Flamingo in a Brown Duck Pond