Come back to life.

Hi. I am the owner of @zoesshoes_shop_canada. We were able to “open” May 19 - 2 months ago today. When I say allowed to open I mean that our guests could once again shop in person if they feel safe to do so.

COVID changed our business model. We went from a store with a door to an online store with a show room and private shopping experience. Personally I like the new way. It’s the way of boutique shopping.

But change is hard for people. We know that. It’s easy to forget the world has changed and something like shopping is no longer what we thought it was.

Change requires learning.  And learning takes practice.  What we practice becomes what we do.  One day we will all be there. 

They say we’re all in this together.  And we are. Our mutual health and well-being is the most important thing to practice.

Some things we need to remember to be safe and have an enjoyable experience: 
*Hand sanitizer is a must. We use a locally made product that’s not messy or smelly.
*We ask that our guests remove their street shoes at the door.
*We ask that guests not touch the products and definitely not try on our display shoes.
*We ask that guests ask to try on items and we will provide a disposable pair of sockettes.
*We ask that guests not come in if they have been out of the country.
*We ask that guests not come in they are feeling ANY symptoms at all.
*We ask that guests book an appointment.
*We ask that guests ring the doorbell for service.

We are proud to be a part of the community and as we all travel through this #mindshift and #lifestyle #change we can only get through it #together.

Thanks for reading and understanding our new business model.


Lynn Armstrong, Founder, Owner

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