The Great 2020 RESET


Three months ago we were eating in restaurants, hugging friends and family whom we don’t live with, going to work, having coffee in the local coffee shop and shopping.

Then COVID19 came and we all had to stay inside.  Our kids stopped going to school. We stopped going to work. Those who are fortunate started working from home, while others worked “the front lines” or lost their jobs.

In a short period of time life as we knew it ended.  Now we are afraid to go out without protection.  COVID19 presented an unprecedented health threat that rippled throughout the world. We were closed by Government order March 20th.  

We established a phased response of our own as the threat of the impact on our survival was looming. Our store was approved for reopening on May 19 with Phase 2 of Saskatchewan’s reopening plan.  At the same time the rest of the working world - our clients -  are still at home. We feel this was too early given that the economy is still under threat.

We are not safe yet as a business.  Small retail like ours is on life support. We want to survive and thrive. We are working to reimagine the new world and what that means for ZÖE.

We don’t know what that means right now but we know that every step we take matters. We invite our guests to purchase spring and summer footwear at 40% or better  to move forward with sourcing and buying for fall 2020. 

This week we launched our GREAT 2020 RESET Sale to sell our inventory by June 15, just in time for families to retreat to their cottages in isolation. We will make decisions about the future in June. 

 Being able to “reopen” with heavy government imposed restrictions, ZÖE is not operating in a “business as usual” basis as these are not “business as usual times.” Therefore I want to explain the new normal. 

1.  Shopping by appointment: as a small independent we cannot afford to staff the store waiting for someone to eventually walk through our door. Therefore we are operating by appointment only.

2.  Operating Hours: Appointments can be booked Wednesday and Friday from 12-1 and 4-5 and Saturday 11-5 at this time due to staff resources.

3. Capacity: We can allow up to 4 people / hour in the store to ensure safe distancing.

4. Requirements: Street footwear must be either removed or disinfected at the door.  Hand sanitizer must be used also upon entry. Masks are appreciated. 

5. Shopping online and curb side pickup is always recommended during this time and the forseeable future.  

 So that’s the new normal.  It’s only weird until we all find our feet again. 



Lynn Armstrong, Owner