A Very Cool COVID Collaboration

You know what they say - when the going gets tough you just change the game.  After COVID-19 closed our neighbouring shoppes on 12th Avenue in Regina, we got busy reinventing our businesses to be good community partners.

Owner and designer Dean Renwick transitioned his business from boutique + custom design to PPE and mask production. As a result he closed his boutique side to ensure social distancing for his staff.

Lynn Armstrong, owner of ZÖE got busy online, offering curb-side pickup and delivery. And dancing.  

“It was heart breaking to come to work every day in a deserted downtown.  It was lifeless. I missed the vibration of people in the streets and the energy of people on a mission.  I used to think it felt like all we were missing were the tumbleweeds,” recalls Lynn.

“On May 19, ZÖE reopened its doors as part of phase 2, but people weren’t back at work.  It was still deserted,” remembers Lynn. "We lost an entire spring season, and as the lock down continued, we also lost the summer season."

Meanwhile Dean Renwick Design Studio was pumping out masks by the thousands and PPE, and his boutique remained closed. Lynn and Dean came together to help each other by integrating their boutiques.

"We are pleased to be able to serve our respective customers, and to help each other through this time.  As we both face challenges we are working our way through this together."