Camper responds to the COVID19 Epidemic

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, we’ve been working with local authorities to determine how we can help. As a family-run business with a strong Mallorcan heritage, we believe it’s both our duty and responsibility to leverage our available resources and support those most affected.

At the moment, we are proud to say that our 3D printers are running at full capacity to produce necessary components for the fabrication of medical visors. We are also waiting on final authorization to begin the production of special pieces used for respirators.

Due to the decontamination process, medical professionals have been throwing away countless pairs of their own shoes. To help, we’ve donated shoes to hospitals on the island, including pairs of Wabi slippers from our hotels, Casa Camper Barcelona and Casa Camper Berlin, for affected patients.

As a way to connect affected individuals with their families during this challenging time, iPads from our stores have been made available to local hospitals. We are also looking into how we can take advantage of our supply chain and contacts in China to quickly acquire additional medical materials and equipment.

We recognize that we are all in this together and will continue to work with communities and organizations to help meet their needs however we can.