BanoeeMee sees the future.

We reached out to Bano eeMee founder Aleem who shares his outlook on life and retail. 


1.  When was BanoeeMee created and what or who inspired the creation of  BanoeeMee?

I started designing in 2012 and Bano eeMee was created soon after. My mom and grandma were the inspiration behind the brand.  

2.  How has the recent Covid19 situation changed your business?

Like most other businesses, the fashion industry has definitely changed. As a small business and a local designer this has been a difficult time emotionally and financially. That said the slower pace of life over these past couple months has fueled my creativity and given me time to think of wonderful new design ideas that I can't wait to share with my customers. 

3.  How do you think this will change the fashion industry?

I believe we will see a major shift towards e-commerce over all. The in-store shopping experience will definitely evolve to a more "by appointment" model that could translate into opportunities for select stores to provide a very special and personalized service to their customers. 

4. How will it change your perspective as a designer?

As a designer I believe my designs will evolve to meet the needs of a customer that is staying and working from home. The product design and the way it is photographed and presented will also speak to that customer. This will translate to new challenges and opportunities. I am excited to see what's to come :) 

5. What would you say to Canadians at this time as a designer?

Support local and support Canadian. Invest in the local economy and support brands that are socially and ethically conscious.  

6. What’s your favourite part of being a designer?

Being able to design and then see my designs on people is the best feeling. A couple years into designing jackets I remember spotting someone in a Bano eeMee and I chased them down just to say hi and thank you. Was so amazing!